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Thoughts on technology holy wars

Why is it that we get so wrapped up in our favorite tech that we feel the need to belittle other people's favorites?

If you've read my previous article, Thoughts on Windows 8, you know that I'm running the Windows 8 consumer preview as my only OS at home. It's not without its issues, of course, but overall it's been a great experience. In that piece, I mentioned that there were two games I wanted to install using the GameStop (formerly Impulse) installer software. Those two games, Demigod and Sins of a Solar Empire, wouldn't install because the GameStop installer claimed they weren't compatible with my OS. On Wednesday, I did a bit of searching to see if others had tried this and encountered the same issue. Well, as it turns out, I was able to find at least one other person with the same problem. No resolution to the issue, except to be patient since no one is likely to work very hard to support their production software on a non-production OS, which is what I expected. That's not the point of this article.

The point of this article is that, in the conversation thread I found, the final post was from someone who felt it important to take the opportunity to belittle the person asking the question for running a Microsoft OS and to belittle Microsoft itself for producing terrible products. Now, I'll freely admit that I've done my share of MS-bashing in the past; however, I don't recall having bashed the people who used that MS tech for using it. These days, I've become quite the MS fan (my friends would most likely say "fanboi" and they might be right). But my preference for their products doesn't mean that I belittle my iPhone-toting friends (well, not for real anyway -- we like to joke about it and I get as good as I give). My preference for the Barnes & Noble nook doesn't mean that I think Kindle owners are losers. I wouldn't want an iPhone or iPad, but I understand why some people do. And as long as they're happy with their tech choice, I'm happy for them.

That's the key -- pick the tech that works for you. Let me pick the tech that works for me and don't belittle me for that choice. How does my tech choice affect your self-esteem so badly that you have to prop yourself up by trying to knock me down? Why is it that some among us feel the need to anonymously engage in behavior that would get us beat up in real life? I guess I'm just wondering why we can't all grow up and just get along. Trolls, if you'd climb out from under your bridges and spend a little time in the sun, you might find that the world is a beautiful place.

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