• Marc A. Brown

A new day -- working with the Microsoft Surface RT

On October 26, I received my new Surface RT 64 GB via FedEx and, a short time later my wife received her 32 GB model via UPS. As I begin this article, it has been about 12 hours and I have to say that I'm quite impressed and happy with it. My wife is also. The touch cover keyboard is terrific, the screen is crisp and beautiful, and Windows RT is fast and responsive. If other tablet manufacturers can produce devices this good, the tablet market is going to get quite interesting. The store needs to grow, of course, but I don't see why it won't since developers are going to be able to target these RT tablets and desktop computers without any extra work.

I've now been using my Surface quite a bit for almost a week and my initial impressions have stood up over that time. This is a sexy device -- it looks nice, it is well built, and it works very well. In spite of being essentially a version 1 OS at this point, Windows RT doesn't feel like a version 1 OS. I've had a couple of application crashes (from apps included with the OS), but those are few and far between. I've even started testing my first Windows 8 app on the device.

My wife has been happy with hers as well, with the exception of finding that the website she uses for her business fails to work properly, producing a JavaScript error that prevents her from entering orders. This is frustrating since one of the selling points of the tablet for her was that she would be able to take it with her and enter orders as they're given to her. Hopefully that problem (which I believe is an IE 10 compatibility issue with the website rather than an issue with the Surface) will be resolved soon, especially since Windows 8 is in the wild now.

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