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Welcome to blog.NotAllWork.com, the site where I will occasionally present my thoughts on things in the tech world. These days I'm very much in the Microsoft frame of mind, developing applications professionally for my employer of nearly seventeen years. At work I'm beginning to develop applications using Visual C# (2008), though I wouldn't call myself an expert on the language by any means. As a professional, I've worked with Visual Basic 6 and VB.NET, Java, and xBase. Of all of these, I have to say that C# and the .NET framework are my favorites to work with at this point.

In my off time, I'm trying to make the leap to developing Metro apps for the upcoming Windows 8 OS. I have some ideas and, if those ideas work out, you'll read about them here at some point.

I welcome comments to all of my posts; however, I don't tolerate spam and I won't be drawn into pointless, endless arguments defending my opinion unless said argument interests me. My opinion is just that, mine. That said, I do enjoy a nice healthy debate, as long as everyone is polite and cogent. I'm not a believer in deleting "real" posts, but I'm likely to do so with posts that engage in personal attacks or excessively foul language, so please refrain from these.

Again, welcome! I'm glad you found me.


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