• Marc A. Brown

Tempus fugit

Hard to believe how long it's been since I last wrote anything in this space. Didn't realize just how long until I moved the site off of the soon-to-expire Office 365 SharePoint site I had been using. As I copied off the latest blog entry and saw it was from 2014, I was a little shocked.

After all, Windows Phone 7 had shuffled off, Windows Phone 8 followed it, Windows 8 and 8.1 sputtered and never made a big impact, and along came Windows 10 on PC and mobile. Once that happened and I got the itch to create an app for my Windows 10 phone to streamline my experience with Digital Blasphemy, you'd think I'd have found a little time to write about it, wouldn't you? No such luck, even though I learned some neat new stuff while writing the app. I've even made a little bit of money on it! Still working to find the time to add cool new features to it -- I have a nice little wish list of them.

So now I'm with another web host since MS decided to do away with public-facing SharePoint sites for O365 business customers. Not thrilled to have a separate web hosting bill again, but the configurability of the new site kind of makes up for that. And maybe I can get back to writing up the occasional post that no one will be interested in.

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