• Marc A. Brown

Added a DMR radio to the shack

This week I picked up the TYT MD-UV380 DMR HT to my slowly growing radio collection. There's a learning curve related to DMR and I have just started climbing that curve. This post is to push out a little nugget I learned about hardware issues with programming this radio. I nearly sent the thing back after less than 12 hours because I could not get TYT's CPS software to read from or write to the radio. Instead it would crash whenever I would try. I tried connecting via USB hub and directly into the USB port on my Surface Laptop with no success. I rebooted the PC with no success. The only reference to the issue I found on the web hinted that there was a driver issue on Windows 10. I was about to give up, send the radio back, and purchase a different brand when I decided to try on a different PC, one that had both USB 2 and USB 3. Installed the software on the other PC, plugged into a USB 2 port and viola! So, if you go with this radio you'll need to have a PC with a USB 2 port. Hopefully the company will eventually fix this issue, but who knows?

On to learning about DMR!

73, Marc NZ9A

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