• Marc A. Brown

Added a second System Fusion radio to the shack

I picked up a new (to me) Yaesu FT2D handheld radio to the collection so that I could, in theory, do C4FM without hopping in the truck where my FTM-400DX lives. Unfortunately I'm a bit too far out to hit the radio club's Fusion repeater and haven't figured out how to do so via hotspot (I have a borrowed MMDVM hotspot that I'm playing with).

The FT2D is a nice sturdy radio with a touchscreen. My only gripe with it is that it doesn't include an option, when in memory mode, to show the name of the memory bank rather than the frequency. This is a feature that my dirt cheap Baofeng handhelds have and that my not dirt cheap but still inexpensive TYT DMR handheld has. The FT2D is a fairly expensive piece of kit, so to not have that feature is annoying. Other than that it really is a nice radio -- good sound quality, reasonably easy interface, and Fusion capability.

73, Marc NZ9A

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