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An update to the Unauthorized() fix for the Digital Blasphemy browser

The submission of the update to fix the Unauthorized() error in the Digital Blasphemy browser failed for a couple of reasons. One was that I'd managed to mess up the privacy policy link when I upgraded this site's blog. That was an easy fix.

The second reason was because Microsoft changed their Store App policy to prohibit inclusion of links to external subscription purchases from within Store apps. Now, I have no issue with a company wanting to make money -- after all, that's why they're in business. But forcing "in-app" subscriptions to go through their API so they can make a buck from them is a step too far. In my case, I can't use their API because I'm not the owner of the subscription service. Instead I've created a page on my site that explains what happened and informs you how to get a subscription. Hopefully that will "pass muster" with the certification team so that we can get the fix for this major bug out to my faithful users.


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